State of California vs J.H. A client of ours was charged with multiple felony charges involving prescription drugs and burglary. Our attorney was able to get all but one dropped and the remaining charge reduced to a misdemeanor. The client ended up serving no jail time and was given 3 months of informal probation. That client was initially looking at a maximum of 3 years in a state prison.

State of California vs L.S. A client facing felony domestic violence charges was able to avoid criminal charges when our attorney was able to get the case dismissed on insufficient evidence.

State of California vs B.R. A client facing Great Bodily Injury (GBI) and child endangerment with a possible sentence of several years in prison was given 180 days of electronic monitoring with the direction and expertise of our attorneys.

State of California vs B.G. A collision involving our client, who was a visitor from out of state, resulted in only 20 days community service.

State of California vs R.P. A client who was detained after imbibing on his own property was able to, through our representation, have his case dismissed.

State of California vs E.S. We were contacted by a client who had a warrant for their arrest for two months. We were able to secure no additional punishment for this warrant.

State of California vs L.W. An immigrant juvenile client, represented by their parents, was able to have this case dismissed, enabling them to stay in the county and continue their studies.

State of California vs A.L. A maritime client was able to go about their life as usual when, after investigation, our attorney was able to demonstrate that the necessary lights were displayed and that the harbor patrol had been incorrect in stopping the client. The judge dismissed the case without question.

State of California vs J.P. A client who received an original sentence involving electronic monitoring violated these terms multiple times but one of our attorneys was able to help them escape his probation violations and get back on track with their original terms.

State of California vs K.C. Our attorney helped a client charged with two felonies and was able to have it reduced to only a single misdemeanor.

State of California vs J.L. A client who was involved in an accident with another vehicle and totaled their own vehicle received only 3 years probation and no jail time or electronic monitoring devices.